Aashirwadh Education Pvt. Ltd (AEPL) Faq's

We at AEPL induce the importance of education in every student so as to have a holistic information within them.
We prepare students for regular board exams as well as for all CET in science stream.
Please review our demo videos on your topic of interest listed in videos page. Once you are satisfied, contact us . Our executives would guide you on registration process.
Virtual session is the archived videos of the classes with prerequisites explained in detail so as to understand the concepts better. Student can revisit the sessions multiple times for revision.
Our Virtual sessions are detail enough to make the student understand the concepts better. However, if any doubts arises, student can email or call upon to post the queries. Queries would be addressed either over email or tailored video sessions to address doubts would be made available to students.
  • Fulfills the needs of all category of students
  • customized 24/7 support system to clear the doubts
  • Unique student centric approach to enrich the knowledge of students.
Yes, we do provide online live classes depending on the need, wherein our faculties would appear live over the web to address students.
Once you are enrolled with AEPL you will get an individual login ID and password and using these credentials, you can view the videos assigned to your ID. Otherwise you would be able to view only demo videos.
You need to register for a course with AEPL to view all videos in a lesson.
Once you register for a Course with AEPL, you would require a personal desktop / laptop with speakers and an Internet connection to connect to our website. Use your login credentials to view the videos assigned to you.
Following study material will be provided
  • Notes
  • Memos
  • Customized material(if needed)
  • Question bank
  • Solutions
  • Yes, for online live sessions
  • No, for archived sessions
There are no restrictions for Virtual sessions when you register for an online course. You can view the videos assigned to you at your comfortable timings.
Please fill your name, email ID, Contact number and enquiry information in Contact Us page and submit your enquiry to us. We would reach you shortly on the required information OR you can speak to our executives via phone numbers listed in Contact Us page.
Our website has a lot of demo videos on complex topics grouped by standards, subjects to provide you a feel of how we make our students understand the concepts. Please visit Demo videos to access the complete list of demo videos.
Technology bridges the carrier on time zone issues. We don't see any issues with overseas students registering for online courses and currently we are providing our services to students in Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc...
  • Please reach out to our executive to provide you on the details
No, we don't accept installments due to operational difficulties.
Please reach out to our Executive to understand your requirements better.
  • Periodic tests will be conducted
  • MCQ's , one words, short questions --> solutions will be provided
  • Subjective questions - Scanned answer sheets shall be sent for evaluation
Please reach out to our Executives to identify the issue and resolve it.
Yes, until the expiry date is set by the admin to your User ID/Video.
No. You can play the videos assigned to you on our website but you are not legally allowed to download videos and store it for future reference.
Yes, you can play videos assigned to you on your mobile.